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I believe it’s all in one’s perspective Some see a face some see a flower



Make it short, make it sweet, I have done an awesome feet.  Don’t try this.  I have died twice,yet hear I am, once a boy now a man.  Thank that witch gave me this power, I cherish it every hour.



It was a dark dark, night the wind stiring up things out of doors I had a late night smack.  I felt great deciding I would watch a little TV.  Not much on I decided to go to bed.  I must of dropped off.   Waking a couple of hours later.  I heard my name being called  jumping out of bed I found nothing.

It was just another of those things



now I lay me down to sleep perhaps a moment down and deep said my heart in response, I always get just what I want good rest lovely night to late let’s not fight                                                                                                                                            response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “To Sleep, Perchance to Dream.”



That is much much, to easy with a name like mine.  I will build the sandwich, tell me what it is thank you.   First we have the patty covered with onions, mustard, cat sup,   Then we cover with two crispy strips, topped of with a choice slice of cheddar cheese.  Placed on a toasted bun.  WHAT A I.



It is about time someone asked this question, for all of this is out of my pale.  But not to dally, I am doing quite well

so it seems, at least, I am having so much fun, it must be right.  I have so many of you out there to thank, your help has been enjoyed and appreciated, I will do my best to not make a fool of myself, but no promise.   Thanks