Now here we are again the day is upon us it is a overcast day no there is a word overcast what are we fishing threw the thing to far overcast have you ever been overcast now you mention it I believe I have at times when I was young I got what you could call over cast but not lately, Now it would hurt if I got overcasted ha you bet now would be a disaster, another good word but enough of this. I went by this sign, says Allow Yourself. Ok so I stopped and allowed myself to dream, yea it was good no it was great, before I knew it was a really big dream
and what did I learn. It is much much better to give than to receive. So how about it come on open up give a little to the Seniors, so they can have Big Dreams to Donate now

I’m sure they are making adults much younger these days; Yes

I seem to be spending more time with my pillows these days; Yes


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