Here come the Beast


Scott, Had dragged the Beast, across the river in the area where it narrowed.  Pulled up on the bank as far as possible,

was busy checking it’s wounds,  It was very badly wounded, it was hard to tell if it would survive.  He bound up some of the

more serious one’s, cleaned up what he could.  But now he started to wonder where, Jim was, he stood up to see if he was able to see anything, as he stood, some thing fell in to the river.  He jumped, this working around the Beast, had him on the edge.  He looked around, There was Jim. coming threw the grass.  Dam it was really good to see Jim, now they could get some work done.  Jim, soon reached the area, where Scott, was waiting.  They quickly, sat up the liter strapped the Beast, in picked up the gear, headed toward the trucks.

That’s just what we want for the senior’s, get them out into the good old out of doors.  COME ON LETS GET TOGETHER AND MAKE IT POSSIBLE  FOR THEM TO ENJOY DONATE NOW NOW IS THE TIME MAKE IT SO DONATE


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