I crept through the tall grass, my mind was racing wnat in the hell was I doing. This thing looked as though it could tear me appart, with out breaking a sweat, I had to be out of my mind. But yet this could be one of the greatest discoverys, ever heart pounding I reached the area where I could cross, with the most ease. I decieded to stop, check my equipment. The resistors, that I brought, were new, they were very powerful, they should hold the Beast, in control with no problem, but would I be able to reach the Beast, then place the resistors on. I will just have to try, I had come to far now. I placed one resistors, in my pocket, held the other in my hand, the cold steel felt good. Easying into the cold water, I took anouther look, to where the Beast Lie. Dam now where had it gone, my head swang round from this side to that. Wait, yes there it had sunk in a little further. Dam this was scary, thought I was going to have a heart attack. But it looked ok, I slowly walked through the water, only knee deep I was close I sure hope that thing is really out or I am done.


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