Yet this Beast now down and out or was it just a ploy to suck me in, so it would be able to quickly attack, to finish me as mearly a small anoyance. God I wish I knew, but I had to find out. Right now I needed to get back to my truck. I needed the equipment that would help in the possible recovery, of this thing whitch may lead to the discovery, of a new spiecies. I turned, to figure my course back to the truck. Took one last look over my shoulder to make the Beast, was still in the same possition, yes there it was, I went as fast as possible, the cover being heavy did not help, but I soon arived at the truck. Unlocking it I opened the back, started grabbing bag’s packing them with items I deemed nessary. Strapping on the backpack loading a hand bag. I started, back toward the rivers edge. Buy the time I reached the rivers edge, I was covered with sweat, stopping to take a break and catch my breath I took a look to the river, the Beast still lie where I had seen it last. I looked to where the water, seemed shallow so I could cross to the far shore, approaching from there.


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