The time is right now, we can’t wait for more, depression more time wasted, as each day passes.  They are a little further down the road.  It may not be a happy place, but it what they have got.  What can we do to improve there lot, have a party, I don’t think so.  but yet there are things, that needed to be done.  If we really work at this, why not just find a way for them to have a good time.  Now let’s see, “Fun”, is that what were saying.  Yes that It just plain old Fun, that would do it.  We don’t have to look to far, to find FUN, there is quite a bit of it waiting out there.  The next thing is Funding the Fun.  This might not be to easy, but it is necessary.  Now is the time they need to enjoy the time right now.  We will find a way.


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