In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “What a Twist!.”

I walked down the road, toward the river. I came here often, but today there was something different. I didn’t understand all looked the same but yet, it was a feeling, like cold chills, just not shake it. Then I heard it, something was coming, smashing down small tree’s as if it were angry,or perhaps hurt. I could feel my body shaking,it was terrifying. Should I run, or stay and see what was going on the noise, just chilling. My mind raced, I knelt down so not to be seen it got closer, closer. Pearing through the tall grass to catch a glimpse, it had to be almost here. I shock in fear, bursting from the thick trees. There it was, A deer about half grown, I was only 7 years old it was scary.

A day of fear


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