Where is the Help


Believe it there is help out,there Really is, finding it is not easy but it, can be done. I would like, to put the word, out in hopes that, together we can find, that help. Then we will, begin to help each other, we can make it, easy and fun, if only we help. I know, how great it is to be helped, for I had reached, the bottom, when I buy chance, found Help. I was injured, had a building, fell on me, it was a two 2 Storey, wood frame. A strong wind, hit the building, I was kneeling down, looking at the, blue prints for the building. The wind sheer, took the building, piling most of it, on me or around me, thank God I lived through, the worst, the only problem, I was under, a very large pile, of wood and it continued, to move pushing down on me, the fire department was right next, to the building, I was in, that helped, but as they, pulled the pile apart. It put more pressure, on me. I could see them, finely but before, they could reach me. I passed out, they said I, was not breathing, had no pulse, or heart beat, they put the paddles, on and revived, me. I had been crushed, in several places, broken ribs, legs, my back in four places, was paralyzed. on my right side. I was a mess, it took, three years to recover. The worst was, yet to come. They place me, on morphine, for quite some time. I became an addict, it was a long time, before i recovered. It was Help, That found me. You or someone, you may know, or meet, might also need, Help. Let us know.


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